Digitalization and automation

When done right, digitalization and automation can greatly improve the quality and efficiency or your processes or workflows.
The figure below illustrates steps that can be taken to increase the reliability of your processes.
Digitalization and automation play a central role for steps 3 to 5 especially.

  1. Instructions and training help people work more correctly and effectively (than they would without).
  2. Double-checking the results of the work done, helps catch errors.
  3. Improving processes by making them more robust and difficult to do wrong can raise the quality of the work done.
  4. Eliminating the human element can have multiple positive effects. Eliminating errors that humans inadvertently add over time, quality improves. Freeing humans from monotonous and tedious tasks, lets them engage in more rewarding work that generates actual value.
  5. Eliminating costly and time consuming processes lets you focus on value generating tasks.

nbCOM helps you digitalize and automate your processes to the degree that best suits the people involved.